2 November

How to Prepare Your Home For Sale

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If you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how the GTA real estate market will perform, your wait will soon be over. Now is the perfect time to pull out that mop and bucket to help prepare your home for sale.

Industry experts believe that home prices will ease in 2024, although it is still unclear by how much. That means if you want top dollar for your home you need to act fast!

It can take some property owners a few months to get their home primed and ready for the market. Being proactive and taking steps now to prepare your home for sale will give you the best chance for success heading into the 2024 peak buying season.

All properties are a bit unique, but nevertheless there are a few key things that all GTA sellers can do to prepare a property for sale which can help your home sell faster, for more money.

1.      Find the Right Realtor Partner

Finding the right realtor partner should always be at the top of your preparation list. That’s because realtors are more than just sales professionals. They also have in-depth knowledge of consumer preferences, industry regulations, and retain a professional network that can be leveraged tactfully to your advantage.

If you are interested in selling your home, call today, hassle-free, to learn more about what sales process and we do differently to get more money for our clients!

2.      Have Your Realtor Help Stage Your Home

As mentioned, there are many unique ways to leverage your realtor relationship. One way your realtor can be a unique resource is by helping you stage your GTA property.

According to study by the Real Estate Staging Association, most homes that were staged sold for 5-20% more than their asking price.1 The study also indicated that staged properties sold faster on average compared to those that weren’t staged.

Staging your GTA home can also provide other sales benefits. For example, it can make your property appear cleaner and more spacious, helping set the most appealing for target buyers.

3.      Order and Review a Home Inspection With Your Realtor

Many realtors will often recommend you get an initial home inspection to help you identify repairs or problems that might require remediation prior to listing your property for sale.

While your realtor will probably perform a walk-through themselves, having a home inspector complete a visual inspection can clear up a potential issue before you get too far along into the sales process.

Once you have your home inspection report, review it with your realtor who can help you prioritize health, safety, and mechanical issues associated with your property. Identify which items are worth fixing and which aren’t worth the investment upfront to help streamline the rest of the sales process.

4.      Focus on Inexpensive Improvements

In some cases, completing minor inexpensive home improvements can make your home feel more updated and modernized to a buyer, without you having to break the bank.

Small touches such as changing hardware fixtures and adding a fresh coat of paint can enhance your space at very little cost. Similarly, if you are thinking about doing a minor remodel, small kitchen and bathroom projects often net owner’s a better return compared to other household projects.

Before starting any project, consult with your realtor about which projects they feel are affordable and could add extra value. Be sure to request they throw together a few contractors they’ve worked for or would recommend.

5.      Collaborate With Your Realtor on Buyer Incentives

If you really want to entice buyers, when preparing your home for sale make sure to strategize with your realtor about the kinds of buyer incentives you could offer to draw more interest to your property without hurting your budget.

If you are interested in knowing what buyer incentives you could offer, you are welcome to contact me for more information.

Key Takeaways

As the market anticipates greater homebuying activity in 2024, it’s important to plan ahead and adequately prepare your home for sale now, in order to increase your chances of success come springtime.

While there are many tasks involved with preparing your home for sale, finding the right realtor partner and leveraging them as a resource will pay dividends, helping you sell your home faster and for more money.


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